Instagram Blew Facebook and Twitter – Social Media Surprise

We all know that focusing on Social Media Marketing is important for the growth of a business. It seems that most of the businesses tends to have their brand pages on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Some of the businesses also focus on other social media websites such as Pinterest and Instagram etc. While most stay satisfied by their reach through these three main social media channels.

Today, you are going to be a little shocked by reading this new social media case study. Today, we are going to share with you the results of Forrester’s study on Social Media Engagement.

Most of us believe that Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are mostly used social media channels so we should just focus on these. While, there is no doubt that total user base for these social networks is way more than the newer ones. But when it comes to conversion of followers or fans or user interaction with your shared stuff, Instagram blew every other social media network away.

Forrester’s data includes study on three Million user interactions with more than 2500 brand posts on 7 different social media netowrks. And this data confirms what intenret marketers long suspected that users (followers or likes) don’t convert or engage with the content shared by the brands.

Here is quotation from Forrester’s study:

On six of the seven social networks, the brands we studied achieved an engagement rate of less than 0.1%. For every 1 million Facebook fans those brands had collected, each of their posts received only about 700 likes, comments, and shares. On Twitter, the ratio was about 300 interactions per 1 million followers. But one social network absolutely blew the others away when it came to delivering engagement: Instagram

Forrester’s study found that top and most popular brands’ Instagram posts generated engagement rate of 4.21% per follower.  This means Instagram delivered these brands 58X and 120X more engagement per follower than Facebook, and Twitter respectively.

You can take a look at the data shared by Forrester.

Instagram Social Research
Instagram Social Media Study

Now, we know that even for an experienced internet marketer, this kind of result is a little surprising. And it is hard to believe that Instagram can defeat Facebook and Twitter by that much gap. But wait, we got some practical examples for you which will make the case a little plausible. Given below is the screenshots of a video shared by Red Bull on their both Facebook and Instagram brand pages. And as you can see, the data speaks for itself.

Redbull Facebook Screenshot
Image Courtesy:
Redbull Instagram Screenshot
Image Courtesy:

As you can see in the image above, from Red Bull’s massive 43 million Facebook fans, only 2,600 people liked the video. On the other hand, out of 1.3. million Instagram fans, 36,000 people liked the post. That means, about 0.006% like rate per fan for Facebook and 3% like rate for Instagram. Check out these social media and small business statistics for a further look into internet marketing.

And it is not just limited to Red Bull or just one type of brands. There were all types of brands in the study. So, if you not already using Instagram for your business then you should think about it. Now, bear in mind that we are not saying that it is the end of the world if you don’t have an Instagram account for your business. The results, conversion rate would surely differ with the business category. So, give it a try and stick with it if you see results coming. Also, you can check our social media services for more exposure of your Brand on major social media platforms. Feel free to follow us on Instagram 🙂

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