Commercial Video Production Tips

Video advertisement is one of the best ways to market or promote your product. The conversion rate of video is better than other channels of advertisement. The best example of video ads in action is YouTube video ads. Big companies spend millions on YouTube ads and then earn multiples of millions in return. So, Video production is becoming more and more popular in these days.

Back in days, video marketing channels such as YouTube were not used much and even were not in existence. But now, even small business owners are starting to take action on Video Marketing.

Video ads surely converts better and leave your brand’s impressions on your visitors mind. I can imagine that video advertisement will be even more popular in coming future.

So, to help small business owners like you, who want to produce their first video advertisement, I have got some tips for you which might save your time, money and bring you more customers and Return on Investment.

Write A Video Script: A video script is just a simple plan of the video. It’s like a timeline of what to be included in the video. You can hire a scriptwriter to write the script for you or you can do it by yourself. Make sure that you know your goals and your audience before you go about writing the script for the video. The length of video also matters a lot. A general rule of thumb is that if you are producing a video for marketing proposes then try to keep it small in length.

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Think from Your Customers Perspective: As the whole purpose of the video is to attract more people and to convert them into your customers. So, you should also think about the video from your customer’s perspective. Think what are they hoping to get from the video, what kind of information will be compelling for them. If you are making a video explaining features of your product then try to explain how your product could help them or their business before getting into more nutty-gritty details.

Distribution Planning: As you have planned the video script, you should also focus on making a distribution plan where you make a list or notes on where you are going to publish or distribute the video. You can try contacting some local ad agencies and if not, then YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo and other video publishing sites are always there for you. Also try to connect with some journalists and local bloggers in order to get some extra publicity online.

Effects and Animations: Fancy effects and animations looks nice to our eyes, but always keep in mind that your end goal is not to make a fancy looking video with animations and effects but to create a more simple and attractive video for your users. So, ask your video editor for suggestions on using effects and animations, because you can end up spending more money and resources on something which is not going to convert well and might even hurt your return on investment.

Editing the Video: Editing the video is one of the most important things that you have to care for when producing a good video. Because a good video editor can remove the mistakes of cameraman and other video crew by using his creativity. While on the other hand, a bad video editor can make the video worse even if the video crew did their best at shooting video. So, be very careful when hiring a video editor or if you are going to do the editing by yourself. Try to hire the Video editor before the production starts and then choose the camera team according to the suggestions of editor. I know this is not always possible but as video editors are the ones who gives the final touch to the video so it would be useful to have a crew which can understand editor’s requirements. Most of the video editors mostly have some connections or good friends, which can sometime give you a deal or discount on the videography. You can always do the opposite, that is to hire a crew and then choose a video editor based on their suggestion. The reason why I recommend this is because video editor and video crew must have a good understanding of each other. They should understand aspects of each others’ work. Only then they can come together with a good final clip.

Here is a video from MonkeySee which might be useful for you.

These are some tips for making a commercial video, if you would like to add something new, feel free to do to so via comments. Hope you will find it helpful.

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