With Third Eye Design solution branding your web according to your needs is our expertise. We follow your branding image and create long lasting impressions on your client. The flow of colors, information, design and architecture provides you with unparalleled imprints compared to your competition. Our analysis team provides you with the accurate data needed […]


At Third Eye pro we succeed in providing the best solutions. We provide the best hosting solutions on Windows and Linux platform. With regular hosting solutions we also provide cloud hosting on Mac or PC. You can access our service for a limited time or an unlimited time frame depending upon your project needs. We […]


Sales force automation is one of the most important aspects of any business. At Third Eye Pro, we provide solution integrated with your ecommerce or direct sales need. Accessible through multi device, our solutions helps you to be on top of your sales pipe line and achieve your targets. We provide solutions on various platforms […]


Forum is an integral way of providing solution to your client’s questions about your products or services. Forum can be used in different ways to provide information or to provide a community solution. In businesses, forums act as an effective and time saving solution platform in customer service, reducing your customer service budgets to half. […]

Online Catalog

Online catalog can be an individual requirement or an addition to your current web site. At Third Eye Pro, we provide digital online catalogs which can be mailed with your digital signature. We even design CMS based catalogs which are client editable. We provide the best designs for your digital and web catalog needs. Our integration […]


CMS refers to Content management System. There has been a wide spread use of content management systems and clients require CMS for different reasons. The key to CMS is the user access and ACL . To properly identify the needs, a thorough study of the project is needed to set the rules and deliver the […]


E-commerce in Web 3.0 has grown beyond boundaries with technological innovation and brand new concepts. E-commerce not only pertains to an online store but there are different formats of online stores from auction sites, group buy, crowd sourcing, crowd funding, and multivendor commerce to single vendor platforms. The technology available and the user friendly values […]

Web Media

Web media is the latest hot spot on the web. With the right perfection, companies can achieve greater results and exposure on search engines through the video channels. Production of content and format for easy streaming and download is the key feature with Third Eye Pro media development division. We bring in the right media […]

Web Redesigning

Web redesigning requires a thorough study of your current market and the future plans which includes the technology and platforms you are exposed to. We provide the right partnership and development for your redesigning needs. Our work flow helps you to evaluate your current web site and to implement the right changes and choose the […]

Web Designing

At Third Eye Pro, we provide the best user interface to your web site needs. We help you in choosing the right platform for your project needs with identifying your scope of project and preparing an initial needs assessment, this helps us to understand the project better. We provide end-to-end solutions by involving our SEO […]

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