Knowledge Based Financing for Start-ups

The biggest challenge to the innovative people and brilliant minds is how they can grow their new companies. Central to that question is the issue of sourcing for funds that would provide for operational needs and marketing channels. For start-up founders to tap into the potential of their businesses they need a precise guide on […]

App Development Tips for Developers & Business Owners

According to a survey by Strategy Analytics an average American spent almost 138 minutes i.e. 2.3 hours per day on their smartphones. And its not going to stop right there, our interaction with smartphones is increasing with all new features and innovations offered by Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Therefore, developing your own application is […]

Commercial Video Production Tips

Video advertisement is one of the best ways to market or promote your product. The conversion rate of video is better than other channels of advertisement. The best example of video ads in action is YouTube video ads. Big companies spend millions on YouTube ads and then earn multiples of millions in return. So, Video […]

Instagram Blew Facebook and Twitter – Social Media Surprise

We all know that focusing on Social Media Marketing is important for the growth of a business. It seems that most of the businesses tends to have their brand pages on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Some of the businesses also focus on other social media websites such as Pinterest and Instagram etc. While most stay satisfied […]

Get Inspired with these Creative and Unique Business Cards

A business card is a very important aspect of a Business. It does not matter which niche or business category you in, you will definitely need a business card to spread the word about you and your services. Business cards comes very handy on Business parties where you meet a lot of new people and […]

Celebrating 10 Years of Multimedia

We are very happy to announce that we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary on September 23rd 2014. Piled with both stress and success, the roller coaster ride we were in has definitely made our decade a great one. It was mind blowing to see all those years zoom by really fast and we couldn’t […]


With Third Eye Design solution branding your web according to your needs is our expertise. We follow your branding image and create long lasting impressions on your client. The flow of colors, information, design and architecture provides you with unparalleled imprints compared to your competition. Our analysis team provides you with the accurate data needed […]


At Third Eye Pro, we place great importance on design and details to make sure that our work is dynamic, progressive and visually engaging. We believe in creating Artistic designs which in turn is an extension of our client’s idea and imagination in conjunction to our creative work. We help our clients to be proud […]


At Third Eye pro we succeed in providing the best solutions. We provide the best hosting solutions on Windows and Linux platform. With regular hosting solutions we also provide cloud hosting on Mac or PC. You can access our service for a limited time or an unlimited time frame depending upon your project needs. We […]


Sales force automation is one of the most important aspects of any business. At Third Eye Pro, we provide solution integrated with your ecommerce or direct sales need. Accessible through multi device, our solutions helps you to be on top of your sales pipe line and achieve your targets. We provide solutions on various platforms […]

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