App Development Tips for Developers & Business Owners

App Development Tips
App Development Tips

According to a survey by Strategy Analytics an average American spent almost 138 minutes i.e. 2.3 hours per day on their smartphones. And its not going to stop right there, our interaction with smartphones is increasing with all new features and innovations offered by Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Therefore, developing your own application is a good idea in order to survive in the future world of technology. Whether you are a web developer with a great idea of developing a new application that you think will revolutionize the world or you are just a business owner who wants to make a mobile application for your business, there are some crucial steps to follow in order to market and monetize your app.

Following are some tips for new developers and business owners that will help them to keep up with the app trends and tools to get more users and profits from apps.

  • Think from Your Customers Perspective: This is the most important and mostly misunderstood suggestion in mobile app development world. Before you publish your app or game out into the world, you should first think from your customers’ perspective. What specific problem does your app solves or how your app will help others. If your app is not going to be helpful for the public or for your targeted audience then there is no point of spending time, money and resources on app development. Some people say that one should follow his/her heart and shouldn’t care about others. But this not so true in app development, specially if you want to monetize your app and then make money from it. Your application must solve some problem for a user or should be helpful for them in some task.
  • Choosing Mobile Platform or OS: If you are a developer then you should select the environment where you have most expertise. But if you are a newbie or do not know much about development or if you are paying someone else to do the development for you, then you should select either Android or iOS while Android being your first choice. The reason behind choosing Android is obviously because it has more users and most of the developers find it easy to develop apps for Android than iOS perhaps its because of the strict guidelines of Apple App Store.
    If you want to sell your App then iOS is the best place to go, because you will find more paid customers on Apple Store than Google Play. But this difference is now not that much. The number of paid customers is increasing on Android and the number of developers earning more than 50K per month is actually more on Android than iOS.
  • Securing Your Idea: The bad thing for small or newbie devs is that they do not have access to the resources and don’t have much knowledge about marketing their app. So, it could happen that someone else could steal some idea from your app and then launch it with big boom and gets all the credit. Therefore, you should try your best to not leak your idea before the app is successfully published on the major app stores.
  • Launch: Launching a product requires a lot more knowledge about marketing and advertisement and an app launch is no different here. You should do your best to spread the world about your app so that people would know about it and it also decreases the chances of being copied by someone else. The best time to launch an application or game on App Stores is either Summers or December month, just before holidays. Because, most people are free in these days or are traveling so they spend more time on their devices than they do normally.

These are some tips for app development and publishing. What are your suggestions for making a good mobile app? Share your thoughts in comments.

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