3D Printing A House in Amstradam

3D Printing is becoming more popular these days. Alongside some rumors, there are some successful projects such as 3D Print Car and 3D printing houses in China. There are also many other ongoing projects and studies on 3D printing. But the one very influential research is one lead by DUS Architects from Amsterdam. Company’s planning to build a whole canal house with a giant 3D printer. It is believed that 3D printing can save lots of time, money and resources in building large things such as houses and cars.

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As of now, the project is in research and is said to be finalized in coming 3 years. United States’ president Barack Obama also visited Amsterdam to view the Canal House project. The project is financially funded by the municipality of Amsterdam and by DUS architects and its partners. So without further ado, let’s get into the details about this project.

3D Printing Canal House

3D Printing Canal House

What, How and Where?

DUS architects is the one of many companies who are interested in 3D printing a whole house. The whole point is to create a faster and efficient way to build houses. The project is under development but the progress is open to public. Everyone is welcomed to see what DUS and its partners are working on. It is an expo site located in Amsterdam. There is a entrance fee of €2.50 which goes to the funding of the project.

Below are some of the most common questions and concerns about this house.

Why 3D Printing A House?

Well, 3D printing is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to build objects of desired shape and size. The other main thing is that 3D printing allows us to use plastic and other waste to recycle and use it to build something good. So, after 3 years or so, if the project will be successful then anyone with a specific 3D printer can design his/her own house the way he/she wants. And as the employees of DUS architects mentioned in the video, it will cover the gap between an architect, customer and builder. So, a customer with no technical knowledge of architecture can design a house. This will also help to equalize the manufacturing power. With this advancement, the manufacturing costs and labor costs will drop which will help to manufacture products in homeland. Instead of getting stuff imported from China and other cheap markets.

A Canal House?

Yes, Dutch company selected canal to be the first model of their research. They say it is just because of tradition. So, what they are trying to do is to tell others how industrial innovations can be connected with local traditions. A canal house is said to be the symbol of Amsterdam. Canal houses were built around the time when Amsterdam was at the higher pace of innovation. A canal house is attractive and it can be used for multiple purposes such as living, storage and trade.

Merits of 3D Printing a House over Conventional Methods

The main advantage of using three dimensional printing for building houses is that it makes it easier to introduce huge amount of details and complexity into the design of the house. On the other hand, if we will have to implement a design with huge amount of complexity, it will require more time and labor. So, 3D printing makes it really easier  and cheap to add custom designs.

Another important positive point about three dimensional printing is that it allows to use recycled material and coverts it into a final good looking product. And there are also almost no waste material left by 3D printing. While in the conventional methods of construction, there are huge amounts of waste material such as concretes and cement.

Demerits of 3D Printing a House

The main disadvantage of 3D printing a house as of now is that we don’t have a good raw material which will result in a good, stable and rigid house. So, the main concerns are about safety and durability of the house. That is why firms like DUSArchitects are spending huge amount of time and resources in figuring out how can we make 3D printing cope with the standards of building construction.

How Much Will It Cost?

The most common question that comes into people’s minds after knowing about this research is “how much will it cost to 3d print a house?” Well, that is something we don’t know yet or at least can’t say for sure. Because as of now, the raw material that we use for 3D printing, such as bio-plastic are going to be way different than the final raw material that this research will come up with. So, it will basically depend on the material’s cost. Then we can say that how much it might cost to build a house via 3D printing. Until then, we can just wait for the results or look at some other studies which are being done on 3D printing.