3D Printer Pen – Smallest & Portable Three Dimensional Printer


What could be more innovative than making a 3D printer of a size of a pen? LixPen.com has come up with this whole new revolutionary idea of making a 3D printing pen. This is going to be a great tech gadget for all artists and all technology enthusiasts out there. This Pen will let you design and make a three dimensional model of anything that you would like to. So from now on, your ideas will not just be on papers, you can convert them to practical 3D models :). Sounds Good? It is great to me, at least. As Lix put it, now its possible to write and draw in the air. LixPen is the only pen which will work without any paper.

How Lix 3D Pen Works?

LixPen works in very similar way to a 3D printer. It uses plastic as a building block or raw material. This plastic has characteristic of becoming rigid quickly. So, this pen melts down the plastic to make a desirable form and then let it dry (which it does in a matter of seconds), forming a rigid 3D drawing.

This Pen features an aluminum body and is 6.45 inches long and 0.55 inch in diameter. It just works like a simple pen. It has a power input and one filament input in the back and one filament output at the other end. And the other great thing is that it works with ABS Filament as well as PLA Filament. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. ABS Filament is more rigid when becomes cold, has high melting temperature. This plastic is made from petroleum. The other one is PLA Filament which has organic origins, has color options and does not tend to spread that much smell.

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For the Pen to work, you need to plug it into power for about a minute and that’s it. You will be ready to surprise your friends and clients with your creativity and this great innovative technology. The Pen is incredibly small in size but that is not the only good thing about it. The other great thing about this 3D Pen is that it does not make any noise or funny sounds like a three dimensional printer.

The scope of a 3D pen and 3D printing industry clearly shows as this kind of projects has been very successful on KickStarter.

Here are some 3D drawings made by 3D Pen:


T Shirts 3D Printing

3D Design for T Shirts made with 3D Pen

3D Lady Design Pen

3D Cup Glass

3D Cup and Glass

3D Triangle

Making A 3D Triangle

Price of 3D Printer Pen:

This is one of the many things which concerns me the most. Because to me, if something is not going to be made reachable or available to general public then it is not going to have any impact on normal life and is not much important for us. But the good news is that this Pen is soon coming to public release…and the price is also not that much. It is actually going to be launched in two versions. Just like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 🙂

The 3D model will cost about USD $139 which is about 85 Euros. So, while its not so cheap price, but to me it seems reasonable. I am very happy that companies like Lix are working hard to try new ideas like this. There is also another project of making a whole house with 3D printing which is also going to be great. Although, we’ll have to wait to see what future got for us.

For more information, check out the official website of Lix 3D Pen. And let us know what do you think about this cool idea in the comments.

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